What to do and How To Score 300+ In Post UTME.


What are the steps to passing post utme? How
will I score very high in post utme exam? You
will get the answers to these questions in this
article. In this article, you will learn how to
pass post ume and get admission into
Getting admission into higher institutions in
Nigeria might be a bit challenging nowadays as
almost all the institutions implement post utme
entrance examination to select candidates for
their provisional admission.
Most students have difficulties in getting high
scores in post utme examinations, thus could
not get admission to their desired course of
study. Some other students supplement to other
undesirable courses or institutions.
Presently, there are a greater number of post
secondary students floating around the country
without opportunity for further studies as a
result of inability to gain admission into higher
The examsguru team decides to offer proven
methods to help well ambitious students who
want to score high in your post utme
Below are some tips to improve your
preparatory skills as well as what to do in the
examination hall. These tips can help you to
score as high as 300 in your post utme exams.
How to Score above 300+ in your Post
UTME Exams
Before the Exams
1. Understand the Type of Exams you are
taking: before you can pass post any utme
exams, you will have to understand the
nature of the examination. Ask these vital
questions before the exams; is the exams
computer based? Or is it paper and pencil
test? How are they setting the question?
How many questions are my expecting to
answer? What type of questions are my
expecting? It it essay type questions? Is it
multiple choice? This information will
enable you to know how to prepare better
for the upcoming examination.
2. Get Past Questions: Getting past
questions for the previous years is a top
shot. These past questions will not only
give you insight into the pattern of the
exams but it will help you to brainstorm
while practicing it and predict the possible
questions you are expecting. If you don’t
have any, go now and get one from your
school of choice and start practicing it.
3. Read Consistently: Of course you chose
the path to study, so reading should not
be a hobby anymore to you. Make
consistent reading your culture. Read well
and read wide. The secret of above 300 in
your Post UTME Exams lies in reading
persistently. Having gotten the pattern of
the exams, set up a reading timetable and
follow it religiously. Your goal is to get
admission, so you should give priority to it
until you achieve it.
4. Join Extramural Classes. This has proven
to to be a very effective means of scoring
over 300.

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