n I Am Contesting As A Nigerian, Biafra War Stopped 52 Years Ago – Peter Obi Clears Air

I Am Contesting As A Nigerian, Biafra War Stopped 52 Years Ago – Peter Obi Clears Air

 Peter Obi, the Labour Party's (LP) nominee for president, has come forward to clarify that he is running as a Nigerian and not as a pro-Biafra activist. He claims that as a Nigerian, he is seeking to be elected as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Obi made it clear that he wasn't running for office in support of any Biafra agitation because, in his opinion, the Biafra War has been over for the past 52 years and will continue to be so. The Labour Party's presidential candidate, according to Naija News, said this while appearing on the Brekete Family Show in Abuja on Monday. His response was in response to popular agitation in some parts of the South East region for Biafra independence. On the program, Obi argued that self-determination movements occur in Nigeria because of injustices that people have to contend with. If elected president in next month's elections, he promised to hold talks with groups that have been wronged. He stated, "The Biafra War ended about 52 years ago, and it still does."

As a Nigerian, I am. As a Nigerian, I'm running. I have stated that those in the south-west, south-east, or north are agitating. Call it what you will—injustice, unfairness, marginalization, poverty there is unrest everywhere. "Anxiety is inevitable in people." I stated that I would speak with and consult with all of them (agitators). I want to create a brand new Nigeria that the populace will be proud of. For this reason, I vowed to address the issues in the north and south-west. "I want Nigerians to travel around with pride in their nationality and their passports."

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