n Pele Laid To Rest After A Funeral Fit For Kings

Pele Laid To Rest After A Funeral Fit For Kings

 On January 3, 2022, the Brazilian city of Santos was the scene of Pele's funeral rites. Pele's funeral procession was carried through his hometown as a mark of respect for the legendary football player.

Thousands of fans turned out to watch the parade on Tuesday in anticipation of the three-time World Cup champion's private burial. As Pele's coffin was carried through the neighborhood where his 100-year-old mother lives, it was draped in the Brazilian flag. Mourners from all walks of life filled every nook and cranny of the neighborhood. The former Santos FC player, who was born Edson Arantes do Nascimento, passed away last

Thursday at the age of 82 following a battle with colon cancer. The Ecumenical Memorial Necropolis cemetery, which has a view of the Santos stadium, served as the final resting place for the football legend. On Tuesday, January 3, 2022, the Brazilian city of Santos witnessed Pele's funeral rites. The deceased football player's dying wish was to be interred on the ninth floor of his hometown cemetery in memory of his late father, who wore the number 9 jersey while playing, and to be buried there. Pele's casket was carried through the streets of Santos on top of a fire engine to his final resting place.

Following his passing, Brazil observed three days of national mourning, and 230,000 people flocked to the 16,000-seat stadium to view his open casket, which was left at the center of the pitch for 24 hours. The three-time World Cup champion has been remembered since his passing by well-known athletes and football fans, and that will probably continue for some time.

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