n Farmers congratulate Tinubu, ready for ‘agbado’ revolution

Farmers congratulate Tinubu, ready for ‘agbado’ revolution

 On Saturday, local farmers across the country congratulated President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on winning the presidential election. They also took the opportunity to express their willingness to support the revolution the former Lagos State governor promised farmers in his Manifesto of New Hope.

Tinubu won his 8,794,726 votes, defeating his closest rivals, Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party and Peter Obi of the Labor Party, with 6,984,520 and 6,101,533 votes, respectively.

Bello Abubakar, zone coordinator (Northwest) of the Agricultural Commodities Directorate of the APC Presidential Election Council, told journalists at Abuja City Hall on Saturday that the president-elect's focus on agriculture during the election campaign was not what it was. He said it was a motivating factor that drove millions of farmers to the polls to vote for him.

He said: We are ready for the 'agbado and cassava' revolution he promised in his agricultural revolution. The greatness of this country lies in its agricultural fields in rural Nigeria. "We, the Board, also believe that our updated Manifesto of Hope is committed to peace, unity, and sustainable development in Nigeria. "I pray that the peasants’ mission will never be curtailed or stolen. Let's be clear about what is being said."

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